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Is Diversity in Theatre important?

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My Experience

In a report by the Broadway League, Broadway audiences are more diverse than ever, so


The History of diversity onstage

-The birth of musical theatre, 1920s Vaudeville, Black face, and minstrel shows.

-Important figures, like Bert Williams & George Walker, Bojangles

-Important works, like Shuffle Along, the first all-Black Broadway Musical.

Listen to their stories


Sophia Hillman

Musical Theatre Performer, BFA


Kolby Kindle

Broadway Performer, BFA


Richard Biever

Professor of Musical Theatre, MFA

"The Project is called Is Diversity In Theatre Important? What are your thoughts on that question?"

"Have you ever had an experience that left a bad taste in your mouth because of a lack of diversity and/or inclusion and equity training?"

"What do you think is the first step people should take in order to create more equitable and diverse spaces?"

"Why is it important that theatre spaces particularly stay diverse?"

"Any final thoughts?"


Read The Report.

You can find more information, examples, and resources hereRemember to listen with empathy to those who experience injustice daily.

Read My Mission Statement

The fight to create inclusive and equitable spaces is an active one, and here's what I 

"When We Value Each Other"

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